Rolling SIM only contracts good alternative to lengthy contracts

By Rob

For the many UK customers that do not want to sign up to lengthy and costly mobile phone contracts a rolling monthly SIM only plan is an effective alternative.

There are many people in the UK who want to get the best deal possible when it comes to their mobile phone services and for many people signing up to a lengthy contract for eighteen or twenty four months is simply not an option. For those that want to avoid these costly and lengthy contracts there are a number of effective alternatives available.

One of these alternatives is to go for a rolling monthly SIM only plan, where there is no new handset that comes with the package but the user is able to get a package of inclusive minutes, texts, and data at a lower cost than a package that does come with a new handset. It also means that there are no long contracts to worry about as you only have to take these on a rolling monthly contract.

Further good news for those that want to avoid being tied into a long term contract is that Ofcom has now banned three year contract on mobile phones and broadband, which some providers would sometimes try and push people into taking. This means that consumers won’t end up being tied in for such a long period and will find it easier to switch to another provider because the contract terms will be shorter.

Under new Ofcom regulations these contracts will now only be able to go up to twenty four months at the most and providers will have to offer the option of twelve months contracts – something that some providers have avoided doing in the past preferring instead to push their longer term contracts of eighteen months or longer.

Source – The Next Web

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