People fail to report stolen or lost phones

By Jo

It has been reported recently that many people across the UK do not report or block their mobile phone if it is lost or if it gets stolen, with a huge number taking no action whatsoever.

Every year there are many people across the UK who either lose their mobile phones or have their phones stolen. Whilst some people would report this loss or theft right away and take action to the their mobile phone blocked there are many who are failing to take any action whatsoever when this happens.

The study was carried out by a mobile phone company in the UK and showed that around forty seven percent of consumers in the UK had admitted to taking no action at all in the event that their mobile phone was lost or stolen, including failure to report the theft to police an failure to contact their provider and get the phone blocked.

The figures showed that only twenty three percent had bothered to report the incident to police and only eighteen percent of mobile phone users had contact their mobile phone operator in order to get their phone blocked after it had been lost or stolen. Many of those who failed to report their loss or block the phone said that one of the main reasons behind this was because they didn’t know the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

One official involved with the research said: ‘If your phone becomes lost or gets stolen, the only thing you can count on is the insurance you bought or your IMEI number. That’s why I am surprised to see that many people do not bother to report or block their handset to the relevant parties. I would rather pay for an insurance policy that I barely used and have it handy if my phone was stolen or lost.’

Source – Mobile Today

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