O2 has lowest churn rates in UK

By Rob

It has been revealed that mobile network operator O2 has the lowest churn rates in the UK due to factor such as its loyalty programme and attractive SIM only offers.

According to recent reports the mobile network operator O2 has enjoyed the lowest churn rate in the UK giving it the edge over its rival operators. It is claimed that some of the reasons behind this lower churn rate include the provider’s impressive loyalty programme and its value for money SIM only deals.

O2 was said to be the only operator to reduce its overall churn in both 2008 and 2009, which was the period over which it also offered the Apple iPhone on an exclusive basis. By the final quarter of last year the churn rate for the operator stood at just 1.1 percent, which was the lowest in the UK market according to reports.

O2 has been offering some very good deals on SIM only options, and this is something that has become more and more appealing to consumers who are facing far higher living costs and are therefore having to make cutbacks elsewhere to try and make their money stretch further.

The Simplicity Tariff is one of the SIM only deals that has proven very popular and is available on a rolling one month basis, giving consumers far more flexibility and freedom when it comes to their mobile phone service without being tied in for long periods of time or having to pay a lot of money for a standard contract deal.

Source – Mobile Business Briefing

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