Give the kids an old phone and a SIM only deal

By samuel

With many kids set to start secondary school shortly many parents may be thinking of getting them a mobile phone, but a cost effective option may be to give them an old mobile phone and get them onto a SIM only Pay as You Go deal.

In the past getting the kids prepared to start secondary school involved getting books, uniforms, and other educational items and attire. However, these days another thing that many parents consider getting their kids before they start secondary school is a mobile phone, often for security reasons as much as anything else.

However, some parents make the mistake of buying the kids a brand new state of the art mobile phone, and taking it out on contract, which is akin to letting the kids loose with their own credit card. Another thing to bear in mind is that schools are not always the friendliest of places for new kids, and there is no point getting a spanking new phone if there is a risk that the kids might lose them or have them stolen.

One recent report has suggested that the most sensible option for parents that want to get their kids a phone for when they start school is to give them an old phone that they may already have in the home or one that a relative or friend is thinking of getting rid of.

The report also suggests that parents can enjoy greater control over their kids’ mobile phone spending by opting for a Pay as You Go SIM only deal, which will help to ensure that kids do not go overboard making calls and running up bills, and eliminates the need to have to go to the expense of getting a contract with a mobile phone included.

Source – Guardian

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