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Sim Only Contracts
Sim Only Contracts

Why SIM Only Contracts

SIM only contracts are the newest way to save money on your mobile phone service. Unlike traditional mobile phone contracts that require to you to commit to an expensive monthly payment for up to 2 years, the UK SIM only contracts can be on a monthly basis, or for up to 1 year. One of the reasons that the SIM only contract is so much cheaper than the traditional mobile phone contract is because you will not be getting a new mobile phone, but only the SIM card that allows you to use that service.

One of the best advantages to these contracts is that you can use just about any phone so there is no need to go out and buy an expensive device just so that you can use a certain network. You can find these deals from the various carriers and for different brands of mobile phones, including the iPhone.

How does it work?

With the SIM only contract you will be paying for the mobile service and nothing more; this is why it is one of the most affordable options available for mobile service. With the traditional mobile service contract you are usually paying a high monthly bill for a longer duration, due to the fact that the carrier is trying to make back the money for the fancy phone that comes with the contract. If there is no phone, there is no need for the carrier to require an expensive and long contract.

Find the Best SIM Only Contracts

To find the best SIM only contracts you are going to have to do some shopping around and the best place to start is on our comparison tables. You will easily find all the deals available on our SIM only comparison site and can compare the different deals that are being offered. This is a great way to find the best deals so that you can get the contract that fits your needs.

There are various carriers that offer free gifts with their SIM only contracts, plus you can get offers such as texts and free minutes. The free minutes combined with a lower price will save you a lot of money. There is simply no reason not to go with a SIM only deal if you want to save money, and are just not interested in having the newest mobile phones on the market.